Litigation Support

The litigation support services we provide have been honed through our expertise, years of experience and qualified successes in this field, whilst being tailored to your particular needs based on each individual case or instruction.

Civil Litigation

Successful litigation depends on obtaining critical information from victims, witnesses and other individuals. Law firms and in-house counsel retain our services to gather appropriate and necessary supporting evidence, often through a combination of investigation, surveillance and interviews; as well as our ability to critically review and evaluate the available evidence and/or accusations to provide an independent, impartial opinion and seek to propose the best and most cost effective way forward for you.

NC investigations and their operatives have experience of High Court, Court of Appeal, County Court and other civil proceedings, including high profile investor and probate frauds, defamation, search and seizure orders, multi-million pound divorce cases and other matrimonial enquiries, suspicious deaths, employment tribunals and misconduct in public office and serving process or summonses on behalf of clients.

We provide a wide range of reliable, confidential legal support services including assessment of and background enquiries into witnesses; assessing assets of opposing parties prior to or after judgement; obtaining all necessary statements; computer forensics support; completing affidavits; seizing, preserving and packaging relevant exhibits, etc. These services are obviously all undertaken within the relative legal guidelines and follow the ‘rules of evidence’.

Criminal Defence

NC Investigations also provide criminal defence services to assist with criminal charges. Being charged with an offence that you did not commit can be debilitating to a family and its finances. Our investigators can go beyond the reach of your legal representatives who are often bound by time, costs and other red tape bureaucracy. We will seek to uncover evidence that can support your defence or help to successfully appeal your charges.

Prosecutions have the support of police, CPS and witnesses to help their case against you, the defence can be backed up and helped significantly by hiring NC Investigations to find previously undiscovered evidence. As our slogan says, literally our vision may well equate to your future.

Background Profiles

Background profiles of individuals and companies are an essential part of litigation support in order to establish whether the individual or company has sufficient resources either to fight an action, or to pay for any damages which you are seeking to obtain from them through the courts.

Our background profiles, conducted by suitably qualified business intelligence researchers and analysts, will look into the background and assets of the individual or company and its principals to assist in your strategic approach to any litigation being considered by you or your client.

Whatever your litigation support enquiries are NC Investigations can assist. Please call (01245 324968) or email us ( for a free no obligation quote.