Asset Trace and Reunification

Do you require assistance in the identification and recovery of assets that someone has hidden and you believe you are entitled to? Are you having problems in a divorce and require an expert in asset tracing? Do you need to find someone who owes you money or who you are considering litigating against, and are they worth pursuing?

Whether you are a private individual looking to litigate against someone, a partner who is going through the divorce courts, a business wishing to trace debtor’s assets, or a legal profession considering undertaking litigation against a subject or business entity, NC Investigations can help.

Experience informs us that most litigants who are unsuccessful in attempting to recover debt fail because they embark on costly litigation without the full picture of the assets ultimately available. By accurately tracing the debtor and establishing a fuller picture we help our clients to increase their chances of successful recovery of debts, owed both by companies and individuals.

NC Investigations are experienced in locating property owned both here and overseas, following money trails, uncovering different types of financial accounts such as stocks and shares, bonds and offshore accounts, trusts, along with actually locating the debtor who often goes ‘missing’.

We regularly work with law firms, insolvency practitioners and private clients on complex asset tracing enquiries, and are known for adopting a commercial, cost/benefit approach to tracing hidden assets.

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