Due Diligence

Due Diligence is ordinarily the process of inquiry undertaken on behalf of clients into the corporate profile, integrity and business standards of a current or prospective partner, or new or existing customer, in order to identify the risks to both client investment and reputation. This process enables a client to avoid or mitigate potential risks, particularly when undertaking business in emerging markets, unfamiliar environments or with unfamiliar individuals or organisations.

A business does not want to make the wrong decisions when looking at any type of customer, be it an individual or a corporate, and especially at times of volatile economic conditions and when exploring new business in emerging markets. Good quality due diligence will ensure that a business knows the source of wealth an individual brings to them, as well as the identity and background of the shareholders and key principals behind a corporate entity or joint venture.

NC Investigations international due diligence and business intelligence services work collectively to thoroughly investigate any given target to ensure or otherwise the bona fides of the existing or proposed client or business relationship being considered.

NC Investigations clients instruct us to conduct domestic and international due diligence investigations of potential acquisitions, joint business venture partners, vendors, suppliers, competitors, subcontractors, or even investors and candidates to be hired in executive or other sensitive positions. Our experience and expertise in due diligence enquires, both in the UK and internationally, provides us with the knowledge, contacts and capability to serve their needs.

NC Investigations services range from basic to enhanced (known as Bronze through to Silver and Gold levels), depending on the client’s required level of due diligence to be undertaken and the extent and value of the relationship being considered. Our reports are of the highest quality and can be combined with i2 charting software, a great tool which can explain a complex report in just one or more simple diagrams/charts, making it easier for the reader to comprehend and save on their valuable time having to read and understand the more detailed report.

Through experience and hard work we have developed a vast network of reliable, trustworthy and highly vetted resources around the world, including law enforcement officials, military specialists, business and media correspondents, as well as government contacts. This ensures NC Investigations provides its clients with cost effective, up-to-date, relevant and reliable information, all of which keeps us ahead of other investigative agencies offering similar products.