NC Investigations provides discreet investigative, risk management, security and compliance services for individuals, small-businesses, law firms, financial service providers and corporations. The information and intelligence we gather on your behalf will inform your decision-making and provide you with peace-of-mind.



Thinking of entering into a business arrangement or partnership and unsure of other parties bona fides? Are you a financial institution looking into new client’s credentials, source of wealth/funds or their background? Do you need help, support or advice around AML/CTF UK guidelines? Suspicious about a member of staff’s behaviour? Could he or she be working with a competitor to sell information? Do you have an internal theft or fraud requiring discreet investigation and handling? Need new or existing staff vetted? Could your office, car or home be bugged?


Legal Profession 

Are you a legal professional who requires litigation support for all criminal and civil matters, including allegations of theft/fraud, asset tracing and recovery? Do you require findings in formal evidential packages and/or professional reports, including i2 charting? Need covert surveillance on those suspected of making false personal injury claims and/or background checks into them? Are you a regulated business or acting for one which requires compliance support and training, including the Fraud Act, AML and CTF guidance?



Need to trace a loved one, someone you have simply lost contact with or somebody who owes you money, either in the UK or abroad? Require summonses or statutory demands to be served? Need security advice or more specialist security services, including close protection, door security, etc., either for personal or business reasons? Suspect your partner of infidelity and require discreet enquiries undertaken of them, including surveillance? Have they been completely honest with regards to their assets in divorce proceedings and you require further investigation into them?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then NC Investigations is the company who can and will be able to help you. We are not only discreet, reliable and offer competitive pricing, but ultimately we do achieve results in a speedy, efficient and cost effective manner. As our slogan says, our vision equates to your future. Allow us the opportunity to work with you and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.