Fraud Investigation

NC Investigations and its key workers have vast experience over many years of undertaking fraud investigations within both civil and criminal arenas, in a diverse range of businesses of all sizes. We seek to determine the existence, nature and extent of the fraud and work with clients to identify the perpetrator and, where possible, recover the loss.

Liaising with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and public bodies reduces the risk of adverse publicity, though we are aware it is often the case the client does not wish to involve law enforcement agencies, for a variety of reasons, and prefer to deal with the matter ‘in-house’.

Some examples of past investigative experience NC Investigations has conducted in this field include:

  • Employee fraud or malingering;
  • Misuse of company resources;
  • Theft of property and assets; and
  • False and fraudulent expense claims.

We are aware of and take into account the potential Human Resources (HR) repercussions of such investigations and have excellent knowledge of Employment Law, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE), Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and use pioneering methods to provide you with tailored solutions to this often multifaceted problem.

The priority ordinarily will be to ensure no further losses or business interruption and to trace and recover any assets already missing. To ensure this NC Investigations can investigate at short notice without alerting the fraudster, whilst seeking out the evidence necessary for either civil action or use by the police if your business decides to prosecute.

When efforts have been made to conceal evidence, members of our forensic technology team recover and process the digital evidence using sophisticated software programs. Additionally, we examine current processes and procedures within your organisation and recommend controls to prevent or reduce the possibility of vendor/supplier fraud or a recurrence of the original fraud.

With the intelligent application of undercover workforce operatives, surveillance, vehicle and asset tracking, and covert video cameras, our investigative solutions have evolved with the complexity of the workplace fraud and theft problem which have significantly increased in recent years. We are also experienced in interviewing techniques and in dealing with suspects correctly and fairly; in this way the disciplinary process can proceed without inviting counter claims of constructive dismissal.

You can be assured our investigations will be conducted with complete discretion, enabling you as an employer to gather evidence in support of internal disciplinary procedures and conduct necessary termination’s with minimal disturbance to output or workforce. Conversely, recorded interviews, data analysis, forensics, computer interrogation and overt investigations can act as a high visibility deterrent with subsequent police involvement and legal action. In all of these circumstances, we provide supporting documents and are available to serve as witnesses in civil and criminal litigation.

Ultimately NC Investigations deliver first rate results costing a fraction of the potential loss to your company.