AML / CTF Compliance


Strict legislation and regulation to combat Money Laundering and other financial crime in most major international jurisdictions require institutions and organisations to Know Your Customer (KYC). This means having adequate information to make risk-based decisions at a number of stages in the customer relationship – at take-on, during the annual reviews, when high value transactions are taking place and when changes in customer activity changes may require a decision to exit the relationship.

Your business needs to be in a position to make informed decisions and justify any action it takes when dealing with any type of customer, individual or corporate, particularly in volatile economic conditions and when exploring new business in emerging markets.

NC Investigations high quality due diligence service establishes in detail the background of individuals and corporate clients alike so that you can make sound business decisions based upon reliable information. Our reports will include, where possible:

  • The full background/history of a client;
  • The source of wealth a client brings;
  • Confirmation of the identity of individuals;
  • The identity of key individuals involved in any corporate client – directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners; and
  • Negative findings – such as criminal history, sanctions and watch-list entries, regulatory investigations and politically Exposed Person (PEPs).

During the life of a customer relationship, your business has to be able to carry out checks on a customer’s transactions to ensure the source of the money is legitimate and to be able to research any that may appear unusual. Where concerns arise, your business must be able to complete due diligence very quickly.

This will either allow your business to arrange settlement or delivery by the planned value date – you do not want to have to pay back-value for delaying a transaction when speedier due diligence could have avoided it – or, in circumstances where due diligence findings highlight concerns that cannot be mitigated, to refuse the transaction.

If you would like to find out more about how NC Investigations can expertly service your KYC and compliance requirements, reliably delivering the highest quality at the most competitive prices, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.