Security Services

NC Investigations provide a wide ranging level of security services which colloquially meet the needs of all its clients, whether it be simple security advice to an individual or householder, security and risk reviews to businesses and their offices/buildings, mobile security, door security, manned guarding, security at large or small corporate events, close protection of high net worth clients and ‘sweeps’ for identifying listening or recording devices suspected to have been hidden in boardrooms, vehicles or home address of senior corporate staff by competitors. These service scan ordinarily be split into the following groups:-

Security Management

NC Investigations provide a holistic approach to security reviewing, advising, implementing and managing solutions accordingly. Security and risk reviews are undertaken initially to identify issues that could affect both the delivery of business services and personal lifestyles. Recommendations are made which will mitigate identified issues in line with the client’s specific needs. The measures required can then be project managed by us to ensure functionality and performance allowing the client to continue with their business or lifestyle accordingly.

NC Investigations work closely with trusted, experienced and best value companies who operate at the highest levels to provide the quality range of solutions required, coupled with impeccable customer service satisfaction. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • CCTV (including installation of both Covert and Overt cameras);
  • Alarms;
  • Access Control;
  • Security perimeter (fencing, gates, etc.);
  • Manned Guarding (internal or external posts, including retail security);
  • Facilities Management;
  • Vehicle denial systems; and
  • Technical security solutions.

The services are tailored to each individual task as every solution is different, taking into account the client’s individual needs. For example, the differing location for two identical businesses could provide very different security issues which require attention, one possibly more than the other. Close ongoing consultation between NC Investigations and our clients is essential in ensuring the correct security solutions are provided.

Close Protection

The role of close protection can take many forms, from Overt to Covert, Defensive to Offensive. At all the times the Principal or Principals are to be protected and remain safe but free to continue normal activities in any environment they may find themselves in. This Protection may take the form of a single operative or that of a team of operatives and may further include additional security measures to include CCTV or TSCM (technical support counter measures). The list is endless and is suited to meet the client’s individual needs and requirements.

We are able to supply the above highly skilled personnel, many who are ex-special services/forces and have a wealth of experience and training in this field. These services can be provided both here in the UK and overseas and at short notice.

Event Security

NC Investigations Event Security team handles many differing occasions, such as Music festivals, Sporting events, Residential security, Corporate functions, Private parties, Weddings, etc.

We also provide Control room staff, CCTV (SIA), Security Scanners, Medical Staff and Response teams. Our operatives have attended many major events in the role of security, to include the prestigious race meetings at Epsom and Ascot racecourses, Farnborough Air Show, Silverstone, Global Gathering and the Isle of Wight festival, plus many other events across the United Kingdom.

All our Event staff are qualified up to and above NCFE Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator safety, as required by law). If you are considering employing other firms or teams please ensure they are like qualified.


NC Investigations can also provide other security services such as:

  • Physical (personal) Security Consultancy advice;
  • Door Supervision;
  • Site security (commercial, construction, static, dog and mobile patrols);
  • Key holding and alarm response;
  • Office, home and vehicle sweeps using TSCM, i.e. if you suspect your house is bugged (whether by a competitor, another employee, family member, etc.).

Whether the client requires one static security guard, a mobile patrol team, or a full event security team, we will ensure peace of mind by providing a complete package to suit the individual needs of the client.

At NC Investigations we take client confidentiality very seriously, and all work carried out is done with the utmost discretion and dealt with in the strictest of confidence. All of NC Investigation’s Security Personnel take immense pride and responsibility in every assignment they undertake, being qualified, highly trained, courteous, diligent, efficient and act with integrity at all times.

NC Investigations supplies fully integrated security solutions to, amongst others:

  • Local Government Bodies;
  • Corporate & Private Clients;
  • Business & Call Centres;
  • Shopping Centres & Retail Outlets; and
  • Leisure Complexes & Parks.

So for all your security needs please just pick up the phone or email us and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and how best to achieve them.